“Watch Out”: Flash Short Film


A thief notices that an old woman wearing a beautiful necklace is approaching his alley. He gets ready to attack when he realizes that she is super slow. While waiting, he falls asleep. When he wakes up… Watch out!, what happened here?


Un ladron se percata que una ancianita con un atractivo collar se aproxima a su callejón. Él se alista para atacar cuando se da cuenta que ella es demasiado lenta! Mientras la espera, él se queda dormido. Cuando despierta… “Watch Out”! qué ha pasado aquí?

WatchOut from Ana Norambuena on Vimeo.


I had to develop a story for an storyboard assignment based on a fable. I remembered one comic by Karlo Ferdón, a chilean artist, that shows in 3 frames a thief waiting for an old woman and finally he falls asleep. I got the inspiration from there and added the proper end to match with the fable (Tortoise and the Hare) and to add some fun to the narration.
Also the character design got inspired from the fable!
One struggle I had to face was that the first storyboard (the one presented as assignment for storyboard class) used 4 camera positions, which means, 4 different backgrounds. We had so little time to learn the program (flash) and then develop this project that I had to redo the whole storyboard to be able to reduce the pieces of drawings for background and the number of scenes.