“Sublime”: Classical Animated Short Film


The word Sublime has two completely different meanings in the dictionary. This film puts them together to build a story that invites you to enjoy the present moment… and feel Sublime.


La palabra Sublime tiene dos significados completamente diferentes en el diccionario. Este film los une para construir una historia que invita a disfrutar el presente… y sentirse Sublime.

Sublime from Ana Norambuena on Vimeo.

Awards and Festivals

2016 – Finalist for The Rockies, categories: Rockie of the Year, Film of the Year, Internship Canada
2015 – Official Selection for Encounters (Academy Qualified), Ottawa (OIAF) and Spark animation festivals
2015 – 3rd place at the VFS short film Contest at PNE through text message
2015 – Winner in the Awardeo Company contest with the short film Sublime as the Video of the Week.


Brainstorming, I put one of my favorites words (e.g.: sublime) and an important subjects for me (e.g.: trying to live in the present), among others ideas. I went to the dictionary to check the meaning of the word and I realized the two meanings. I saw the possible connection between the stages of the matter and an illustrative way to describe the feeling of time and I put my brain to work on a way to transform it into a film.

The main problem when creating Sublime is that this subject was so metaphysical that I tried twice to express the idea without using words. Finally I tried preparing an script, and no matter how I wrote it, the idea always seemed to come to my mind as a poem. It was like I was possessed by Dr. Seuss! Fortunately it worked. 🙂

To watch the process from storyboard to final look, click here.