“Raincouver”: T-Shirt Design


Adobe Illustrator


The Vancouver Community College Bookstore wanted to update the old and classic design for their T-Shirt that is sold as a souvenir. They wanted to swap the “VCC” text for the text “Vancouver”, as this is a more transversal message that will help reach a larger audience, therefore increase the sales of the product.


A design that combines text and images was created in order to represent the concept of “Vancouver”. It recreates the fact that in Vancouver you must always carry your umbrella with you. To be specific, the initials BC (British Columbia) were added and then the letters V, C and C, were highlighted in order to confirm in a subtle way the fact that the T-shirt was requested by the Vancouver Community College.


1. What makes me think about Vancouver?
Tshirt-Ana-Norambuena_WIP_0007_Layer 1

2. I realized VCC is part of “Vancouver, BC“

Tshirt-Ana-Norambuena_WIP_0006_Layer 2

3. I joined the idea of “rain“ and “VCC“, but I still wasn’t convinced.

Tshirt-Ana-Norambuena_WIP_0005_Layer 3

4. Then I remembered to put the design into context, so how it would look having an umbrella on my shoulders?

Tshirt-Ana-Norambuena_WIP_0004_Layer 4

5. Then, I could see the idea coming to life!

Tshirt-Ana-Norambuena_WIP_0003_Layer 5

6. Vectorizing the illustration.

Tshirt-Ana-Norambuena_WIP_0002_Layer 6

7. The client requested if they could see an optional design with smaller area coverage.

Tshirt-Ana-Norambuena_WIP_0001_Layer 7

8. My solution that combines the rain and the top of the umbrella, which considers that the design can be put on a dark coloured t-shirt.

Tshirt-Ana-Norambuena_WIP_0000_Vector Smart Object

You can get your T-Shirt at the Vancouver Community College!AnaN_Tshirt