“Pacific Pilsner”: Beer Label Design


Hand Drawn Illustration, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Rebrand the current packaging to make a new emotional connection with customers while still capturing the magic of the original design. The voice speaks to the glory days of yesteryear, sailing regattas and decadent relaxation. The younger demographic is attracted to the sense of adventure of being near the ocean, in the mountains and taking risks.


This design is inspired by one of the most popular maritime sports which is very transversal to old and young audience. The surfer inside the wave is designed with playful interaction when rolling the can, making the illusion of a real wave.

The elements considered on the final design include:
• A young and fresh palette, but at the same time relaxing which keep our older audiences connected to the new branding.
• The custom illustration is hand made, which gives the feeling of a craft beer.
• The illustration is dynamic as is a down shoot drawing offering a unique point of view to the eye of the customer.
• The space for “Pilsner” allows for other types of beer in case the client wants to apply this design to the entire family of products.

The Process