“Leg me go”: Movie Poster


Hand Drawn Illustration, Adobe Photoshop


To design a Poster to promote a new comedy movie based on the Little Mermaid. It was also a requirement to find an alternative title for this comedy.


“Leg me go” is the title for this comedy in a reference to the desire of the little mermaid to have legs and live a human life. The poster considers the symbolism, typography, elements and colours that set the mood for a comedy. The design includes a pictorial logo for the title of the movie. A dynamic but harmonic layout makes the design stronger and easy to scan.

The Process

1. I created a lot of possible titles for this comedy, but I got more inspired with two of them: “Leg me go, daddy“ and “Speechless“. I tried to sketch as many ideas as
I could.



2. I also explored the possibility of designing a hand-lettering title, in order to create a unique logo for the movie.


3. From the first digital sketch till the final, the work consisted on fixing scale, legibility, palette, typography, and adding a more dynamic position for the credits.