“Design Language”: Grad Poster Design


Adobe Illustrator


Propose a concept theme to promote VCC’s Digital Graphic Design Show. The design would be present in poster form and would be applied to a variety of other forms such as the grad book, invitations, signage, etc.


“De-sign Language” is a play on words that highlight the ability of visual communicators to design language based on visual signs. Graphically speaking, a group of colourful hands with an aesthetic inspired on the anatomy of typography, forming letters using sign language. The design was conceived to be flexible that can be easily applied to different elements, as it contains graphic elements, a simple and energetic palette, and an abstract pattern hidden on the basal part of the arrangement of hands.


1. Brainstorming some ideas about the theme that was proposed (a Jungle). Here I realized that “the sign” sounds similar to “design“, however, it came related to a different concept.


2. There was a point when I noticed that I was stacked trying to get a tagline. English is not my first language and when is about looking for a short expression to say a lot, requires to be sure that english audience will get the message and will feel interested. I felt like “mute“.

3. Wait a second! Isn’t it graphic design a visual communication tool? We can design visual language, same as the language of signs.

4. Ding!


5. The language of signs uses the hands to talk, but it also uses hands to form letters, so I thought this was an excellent connection with typography as is one of the most important aspects into the graphic design expertise. The aesthetic of the hands is inspired on the anatomy of typography.

6. I played with scale, and rearranged some elements, as I also included more variety on the signs for each hand.