“The Belleini Collection”: Cover Design


Hand Drawn Illustration, Adobe Photoshop


The Bellini Collection is a collection of 3 notebooks that to be sold in libraries and gift stores. The idea is to persuade people to use these notebooks to sketch their ideas. Each notebook has a unique design as each notebook has different types of pages inside (plain, dot grid, lined) but they are relatable to each other so the collection can have consistency and unity. The requirements of the client were to keep the tone feminine, elegant and professional and use a spring colour palette.


A urban theme based on 3 important and iconic cities was chosen to achieve the professional look of the collection. This cities were also chosen for the connection that they have to the idea of artistic inspiration. The hand-drawn patterns for each notebook also inspires the desire to sketch. The spring colour palette and labelling was used in a sober way in order to give a balance with the patterns.